Do bananas float in water?


Bananas float in water because they are less dense than water. Also, fruits like watermelons, apples and oranges float in water because they have so many air pockets in them.

Many people think that bananas only float in seawater due to the salt content. The truth is that bananas first sink a little bit in freshwater but then pop right back up to the surface.

Although bananas are actually 75 percent water, they contain many nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, fiber and vitamin B6 but no cholesterol, fat or sodium. Even the insides of banana peels are useful and can be used to whiten teeth, alleviate itching from insect bites and polish silver.

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The same way anything else floats in water, although it is a fact that fat is very 'floaty' and overweight people can float much better than those who have little body fat.
The specific gravity is less than water.
Humans have managed to not only understand the phenomena of the natural world but to use them to their advantage to benefit society. Harnessing electricity and splitting atoms for
No, a banana does not float.
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