Do banks have notary services?


Some banks offer the services of a notary public, and many offer this service to their customers for free. Credit unions also may have a notary on hand to notarize documents for their members. The best way to find out if a bank offers notary services is to call or visit a local branch.

In order to have documents notarized, a person must present an official government-issued identification card that includes a photograph. Accepted identification includes a driver's license, passport or any type of government identification card. Showing a notary proper identification verifies that an individual is really who they claim to be and is the one required to sign the document.

Any documents that require a notarized signature should remain unsigned until brought before a notary, states. The notary will instruct the person to sign the document in front of them, which is standard procedure. If everything is in order, the notary stamps the document with a seal that verifies the signature is legitimate. Notaries play no role in ensuring documents are correct or enforceable.

Besides banks, notaries can be found at tax preparation offices, law offices, check cashing stores or by checking local city directories. Some notaries charge a nominal fee.

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