Do bats eat mice?


According to the Defenders of Wildlife, some bats eat mammals such as mice. About 70 percent of bats are insectivores and function as pest controllers. BatsLive indicates that most of the rest of bats consume fruit and nectar, while a very small number feed on small vertebrates or blood.

Defenders states that there are about 1,000 bat species worldwide, and they vary significantly in other characteristics besides diet. While the wingspan of some bats is 6 feet, there are tiny bats barely an inch long. Bats are found all over the planet except in polar areas and the hottest deserts. When winter comes, certain bats migrate, while others hibernate. In addition, some bats take winter breaks by lowering their body temperatures for days, weeks or months.

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Mice eat many things. Mice will eat food for cattle and grain in barns. They will eat berries, seeds, insects, nuts and roots from fields. You can find more information here:
In the wild, most mice eat whatever vegetation is available, including fallen fruits and seeds. Depending on the season and the area where they live, these can include anything from
it depends on the type of bat. Each bats diet is different.
Mice eat just about any kind of cheese.but if you are setting traps to catch mice, try peanut butter. It sounds weird, but it works like a charm.
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Bats eat, depending on the species, insects, fruits, small animals or blood.
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