Do beagles make good pets?


Beagles are traditionally bred to be hunting dogs, but with the right training and reinforcement, they also make good pets. In order for a beagle to thrive as a house pet, he must get regular exercise and plenty of walks.

The environment of the household plays a significant part in a beagle's well-being and happiness. Beagles can live peacefully as an indoor pet or apartment dog as long as they are given plenty of opportunities to get outside for long walks and playtime every day. It is important to provide the beagle with calm, assertive leadership to ensure that he behaves.

Beagles can also coexist peacefully with children and other pets, provided that they are introduced into the environment early on. A beagle that has been trained and raised as a hunting dog may have a difficult time when he is suddenly dropped into a household full of children.

The temperament of the specific beagle plays a big part in whether or not it will make a good pet; dogs with a sharp, snappy temperament may not be ideal for households with children. As temperament often depends on the way a dog is bred, it is important to consult with the breeder to find the right lineage.

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