Do bees hibernate?


Some species of bees do hibernate, while other species of bees employ alternative methods of survival. Different bees display different types of behavior during the winter months.

According to Dave's Garden, different insects have different ways of surviving the cold temperatures of winter. Honeybees create a "winter cluster" in the hive, surrounding the queen bee and shivering to create an environment around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Hornfaced bees live in cocoons during the winter months. Carpenter bees hibernate in the winter using old nest tunnels that were previously created by female bees after mating. Blue banded bees die as temperatures get colder, and their eggs are placed within nests; these eggs become prepupae and remain dormant in the nest until spring when they finish their growth into adults.

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Some bumble bee queens hibernate over the winter. Honey bees do not hibernate.
Some migrate. Those with exo-skeletons allow themselves to freeze only to be thawed out and
I love these questions which have the answer in them.
Bees over winter stay clustered together and use their bodies to generate heat. About the size of football, with bees taking turns to be on outside.
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