Do Bigger Rims Affect Gas Milage?


Yes, bigger rims do affect gas mileage. The larger the wheel, the more ground it covers at each revolution. Fewer revolutions means better gas mileage.
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Bigger tires are heavier and produce more
Typically know as "Plus Sizing" the type and engineering of wheel construction used will affect braking and accelaration differently. Generally on a 1 piece cast wheel and
What I recomend is to call Tire Rack. They give great advice! For an all-season tire, I recomend either the Continenal (forget the exact model name) of the Kumho ASX if you are on
I think you can clear 20" wheels, if the tires are real low profile. The only interference would be in a tight turn. For a gas mileage guess I'd need to know what size tires
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