Do Blue Whales Have Teeth?


The blue whale is the largest known creature on Earth. These whales lack teeth but the mouth has a baleen which is basically a row of plates. The whale has a moustache at the end of each plate that enables it to hold the prey.
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Bristles or a screening device.
None. Baleen whales, including the blue whale, lack teeth, though they do have tooth buds in early development. Instead, they use plates of baleen (essentially hardened epidermis)
Blue Whales can be found in all of the oceans in the world, and migrate freely between them all. They migrate as the temperature and climate changes. You can find more information
Blue whales actually have no teeth. Instead, they have rows of stiff bristles
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Blue whales do not have teeth they have what are known as Baleen which are bristles located in the mouth. Blue whales open their mouths to eat krill and they eat ...
The whales' teeth are called baleen plates. Baleen is a leathery-elastic like structure that enables some whales to sieve food from the water for ingestion. Baleen ...
A whale shark is not bigger than a blue whale. They both, however, hold "world's largest" distinctions. The whale shark is the largest living fish, while ...
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