Do Both Parties Have to Sign Divorce Papers?


Both parties do have to sign the divorce papers. Your spouse, however, does not however have to be present for the initial filing. If the spouse chooses to not willingly sign the divorce papers, then they can be court ordered to do so.
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Normally, both parties do not need to be present before the notary public at the same time.
Separated is still technically legally married, so a separate divorce petition will need to be filed with the courts. When the court grants the divorce, then the parties are legally
If you and your spouse are handling the divorce without an attorney, and he or she refuses to sign the papers, it could be time to consult a lawyer. Your attorney can review the documents
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Do Both Parties Have to Sign the Divorce Papers?
If you have decided to file for divorce, your partner doesn't have to be present for the initial filing. However, she will be required to sign the papers at some point which can either be willingly or court-ordered.... More »
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A spouse can refuse to sign divorce papers if they do not agree to the terms of the divorce. This will generally delay the case in court. ...
If your spouse won’t sign the divorce papers, proceed with a contested divorce in court. The spouse will be served and court appearances will be scheduled. ...
A divorce status hearing is when a judge asks the lawyers for both sides to meet with him. At this hearing, the parties discuss the status of a pending case and ...
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