Do Boxers Have Webbed Feet?


No, Boxers do not have webbed feet. Boxers do have skin between their toes but it is not webbed as webbed skin would not be as tight and would let the toes spread when in the water. Dogs that are bred to work in water like Newfoundlands do have webbed feet.
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a brownish boxer dog and a duck lol lol lol lol
All dogs have a little webbing between their toes. Boxers do not have as much webbing as water dogs, so they aren't typically thought of as having webbed feet. report this answer.
Your puppy may be a Newfoundland if its head appears to be oversized compared to the rest of its body. A Newfoundland is born with a broad skull. As it grows, its body catches up
They have webbed feet in order to swim through the water with ease. ChaCha on!
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