Do Bruises Cause Lumps?


A hard bruise can develop a hard lump under the skin where the bruise had occurred. This lump is known as a hematoma. A bruise is an ordinary skin injury that leads to a breakage of blood vessels under the skin. Blood from injured blood vessels underneath the skin amass near the surface of the skin resulting in a bruise.
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A bruise or “contusion” appears on the skin when it has suffered trauma such as a cut or a blow to the area. The injury causes tiny blood vessels called capillaries to burst, and the blood gets trapped below the skin’s surface. Bruises can occur on the body at any age. Some bruises appear with very little pain to the area, so they can go unnoticed. As you. . . More »
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It is just a swelling of the tissue beneath the affected worries! It will go away when you're healed.
Some causes of easy bruising include anemia, leukemia, hemophilia A, or thinning skin from aging. These are just some of many causes of easy bruising.
Injury, aging, Battle's sign, certain diseases and even certain medications are some of the many causes of bruising on the body. Everyday injuries cause more serious trauma to the
some type of infection. For example, when you get cold, your lymph nodes get swollen because there's cold virus in your blood.
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A lump that appears under a bruise is usually caused by the trauma that created the bruise. If a traumatic injury occurs to an area of the body, the veins underneath ...
Bruising refers to the act of causing a bruise or bruises. A bruise is a mark on a person's skin which is caused by an injury to blood vessels near the skin. It ...
Usually lumps and bruises arise from blunt contact. Sometimes we don't even realize it happens until we see it. Unfortunately when it is a symptom there are innumerable ...
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