Do Butterflies Have Eyes?


Butterflies have big compound eyes, like most other insects. Compound eyes have numerous lenses instead of just one and they permit insects to see in several different directions at once, which assist them to know when there are predators around or other dangers.
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You would be shocked to know how many eyes does a butterfly have. This is some what unbelievable, but a butter fly has 2 compound eyes and lots of little eyes. For more information,
the butterflies eyes are on the side of there head.
1. Find a drawing of a four-eyed butterfly fish. This can be easily found on the Internet or in a marine-life book. 2. Draw an oval, tapered on one end, with the oval forming the
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Butterflies are flying insects that have large scaly wings. They have six jointed legs, 3 body parts, a pair of antennae, an exoskeleton and compound eyes. Butterflies ...
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There are about 20 different species of Owl Butterflies. There is also a Caligo Butterfly that take their nickname because of the owl eye pattern on their wings. ...
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