Do Cancerous Lumps Move around?


Cancerous lumps are very hard and hardly move about. It is only the benign lumps that move about slightly when one pushes against them. To avoid unnecessary worry and anxiety, visit you doctor for a correct diagnosis. The good news is that a large chunk of lumps are not cancerous; they are just benign.
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A cancerous lump in the breast is made up of body cells and referred to as a tumor that is malignant. Malignant means that these cells will metastasize, or spread and grow. A cancerous
Usually, it feels like a non-cancerous lump. If this is not a hypothetical question, you should direct it to your doctor in person. Embed Quote
Cancer lumps can take on many shapes, sizes, and textures. They can...
It is called as malignant tumor.
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Most cancer lumps do not move but some of them do. Most of the lumps that move are benign and several diagnostic tests are done to establish whether a moving lump is cancerous.
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