Do Carpenter Bees Sting?


The male carpenter bee is unable to sting however the female carpenter can sting but only after being extremely provoked. They construct their nests in frame buildings or trees but are not as social as bumblebees. The only species of carpenter bees is found in Pennsylvania.
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The female carpenter bee is the only sex that will sting a person. However, the female bee is not known to sting frequently. When a person provokes or tries to touch the female bee,
It hurts very badly. Swelling may occur. Just to sum it up, It feels like a Spider Bite. It looks like one too. I used Vinegar and Baking Soda to take out the stinger and the Venom.
Carpenter bees excavate galleries in wood to create nest sites.Female
They may not be carpenter bees. Perhaps they are just using existing holes and not chewing new ones. Blue Orchard (mason) bees look "big and black" and they use existing
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When stung by a bee there will be one or more swollen red bumps on the skin. In the middle, you will often see a small hole, which might have the bees's sting ...
The black bumble bees sting but on very rare occasions; for instance, when they feel threatened. The queen and worker bumblebees have rounded mandibles that they ...
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