Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?


Cats do have belly buttons but due to their hair covering the body, it is not easily seen. The belly buttons of animals look dissimilar from what we humans have. If a cat's hair is shaved, what will be seen is a little stretched out scar on the mid section of the belly.
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Belly buttons are actually a scar from birth. It is where your umbilical cord once connected you to your mother for the entire duration of your prenatal development. This flexible
Cats have whiskers for many reasons. Cats whiskers help navigate various around various obstacles. Whiskers let a cat know if someone is coming or if they are coming upon an object.
When a baby is born they are connected to the mother by the umbilical cord and when the cord is cut it leaves the permenant hole that we have in our bellies.
They do, they're just tiny and covered with fur. Unless they are herniated, in which case they are very obvious. I've got a cat with one like a golf ball - I can't wait for the vet
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The belly button is a hole in the middle of the stomach. It is the hole where the umbilical cord went as a fetus. The white stuff in the belly button is discharge ...
Belly button pain can be caused by many different things. Sometimes pain inside the belly button is the result of appendicitis. Appendicitis will typically present ...
A leaky belly button is a type of ornament fixed on the narvel chord. When you want to make a belly button, with clean hands, sterilise the area with an a spirit ...
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