Do Cats Keep Snakes Away?


Cats can be very effective in keeping snakes away. The cat has to know how to kill a snake from seeing another cat do it, because they usually don't know to do it the first time they encounter one. Make sure the cat stays up to date on its shots.
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1. Remove hiding places. Rattlesnakes (and their prey) often seek shelter under lumber piles, rock piles, rotting wood, roofing tin, canoes and anything else they can crawl under.
1. Learn more about the snakes in your area. Certain snakes are indigenous to certain regions, and some are more dangerous than others. Garter snakes can actually be helpful to a
i would say a pot-belly pig if you have sone real money.
Don't let him outside. You can't control what he does when he goes out. Next time he may get bitten or something worse could happen to him. He, and the wildlife in your area, will
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You can use several methods to keep snakes away from your home. Keep their food supply away. These are mice and other rodents. Keep grasses cut short. Don't keep ...
A good home remedy for keeping snakes away from your home is spray foam. This can help seal any openings the snakes may come through. ...
Lime does not keep snakes away in fact there is no powder or liquid that can be used that will repel snakes around your property. There are however certain things ...
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