Do cats see in the dark?


Cats see better than humans in semi-darkness, although they cannot see in complete darkness. Cats need only one-sixth of the amount of light that humans require to see.

For both humans and cats, the iris is the portion of the eye that expands to allow in more light when the area is dim. The iris of a cat opens fully to bring in more light in dark locations, and it has a reflective layer that makes better use of incoming light. While cats see well in dim light, their vision performs best on objects that are far away rather than those that are nearby.

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Cats have a special layer of cells at the back of thier retinas called the tapetum ludicum. In near darkness cats eyes collect what light there is and give their retina a second chance
The cat`s eye has extra light reflective cells in it to reflect even the dimmest of light to enable a cat to see in total darkness. <answer> The above is mostly correct, Actually
Domestic cats evolved to do much of their hunting at night.
A cat's eyes glow because of a small membrane in the eye called the tapetum lucidum, a Latin phrase meaning "bright tapestry. This membrane is composed of 15 layers of cells
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