Do Chickens Have Ears?


Chickens do have ears, except that they are more like ear holes. They do not have an outer ear, or pinna, as the majority mammals have, but they do have ear lobes. The colour of the lobe does fairly indicate the colour of their eggs.
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Yes, chickens have ears on the sides of their head, covered by feathers, you can actually see their little earlobes hanging down below the feathers.
Chickens have earlobes just above their wattle right where you would expect to see
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Chicken ear lobes can determine the color of an egg a hen will lay. A chicken with white earlobes will produce white shells, while a chicken with red earlobes ...
Chickens have ears on the sides of their heads. These ears are basically holes in the head much like human ears but without all the fleshy bit sticking out. Chicken ...
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