Do Chickens Have Penis?


The chicken does not have a penis and their sex organs are all internal. Chicken is a collec6tive noun of the bird species. The female chicken is a hen and the male one is a rooster and it has a cloaca that transmits the sperms to the hen when mating.
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Chickens have peckers on their face. *The chickens dick is internal.It's actually inside their body,not outside like a human's.*.
Nothing - they are both 4 inches long!!
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To produce a chick the hen copulates with a male chicken (rooster) and the egg is fertilised much the same way as for human fertilisation.
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Chickens do not have a penis. During mating, the female inverts her cloaca (the reproductive and digestive system) into the males, male's inverted cloaca and receives ...
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