Do Chickens Mate to Lay Eggs?


Chicken mate so that they can produce and lay fertilised eggs. If a rooster does not mate with the hen the egg will not be fertilised. However, hens will lay eggs even if a rooster is not present and these eggs are normally not fertilised.
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Accepted by the American Poultry Association (APA) in 1984, Ameraucanas, or "Easter Egg Chickens, are native to Chile. The hens are best known for laying large blue or blue-green
Unlike mammals the chicken can lay fertile eggs for up to 12 days after one mating. The roosters sperm is stored in the hen and used a little at a time. When introducing a new rooster
The Chickens and hens lay their
Answer sometimes because you bother them a lot ,you scare them, or maybe because its too hot to lay or to cold, and when you transport them it takes about 4 days so the can start
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Chickens that lay pink eggs are known as Easter Egg chickens. They can lay eggs in a variety of colors and are good breeders. There are four pink-laying breeds ...
There is no specified time when chickens stop laying eggs. Female chickens, or hens, lay eggs for the majority of their lives, from about six months of age onward.Hens ...
Chicken belong to the Bird family, and birds generally lay eggs as a way to reproduce their young ...
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