Do Chinese Eat Cats?


Cats are eaten as part of the cuisine in China though this is not common with rice being the most common dish. Eating cats is in fact limited to Guangdong province. The Chinese have recently proposed a ban on eating dogs and cats.
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The chinese people love to eat all kinds of rice and dim sum. These are little snacks that are steamed, boiled, or deep fried foods like ha gao. For more information see here: http:
1. Familiarize yourself with the basics of Chinese cuisine and meals. Chinese families typically do not associate a specific kind of food with each mealtime, while Western traditions
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It is true that Chinese people eat cats. The number of cats eaten in China every year is estimated to four million and the number is rising. However, trade in ...
It is commonplace in the Chinese culture to eat cats. You can also find cat being offered on the menu in Korea and parts of South America. There is a movement ...
Here are several.Chinese are great at math.Chinese eat cats and dogs 24/7.Chinese work hard all day.Chinese never have fun.Chinese love to abuse animals.Chinese ...
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