Do Cows Attack People?


Cows are generally placid creature and hardly attacks people, however if a cow has a calf it will by all means protect its calf and in this process can attack. Cows' attacks are dangerous and can even cause death and other severe injuries.
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Head down eyes open and full throttle till she gets you or decides you got the message. A bull has his eyes closed at the last second before he gets you so you can side step (don't
Hikers need to take precautions any time they are walking through a field full of cows, even though these animals have long history of domestication. Hikers will encounter cows in
If a cow attacks,it's usually to protect her calf. Yell loudly and wave your
If you come too close to it, it it has a calf it will try to protect it, and a Bull will try to protect it's herd. If they feel threatened, they will either run away, or turn, and
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