Do Cows Lay down before a Storm?


Cows are social animals and they do all lay down before it rains. They also group together in a circle pattern during blizzards. Additionally, images from Google Earth have established that cattle tend to line up their bodies in a north-south position.
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There's no real way to know if the cow is just laying because it's tired or if
Because they need to rest their feet legs and ruminate, and also to catch some sleep.
Dog lovers recognize scratching and circling as two common behaviors that dogs practice when they're about to lie down. While these habits may seem silly or even compulsive, they&
Unfortunately this weather myth is just folklore. Dairy producers do their best to keep cows laying down to relax as much as possible (besides eating, milking, socializing with other
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There is no conclusive evidence that cows sit down prior to a storm, effectively prediciting it.
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