Do Crabs Have Backbones?


A crab is not a vertebrate and therefore does not have a backbone. However, a crab's body is covered with a thick exoskeleton. They have an abdomen that is reduced in their thorax.
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Its shell or 'exo-skeleton' supports its body instead of an internal skeleton.
No. Arthropods have an exoskeleton - their shell.
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Crabs do not have a backbone since they are invertebrates. They have an exoskeleton, which is an outer shell that helps to protect them from predators and it also ...
Crabs are invertebrates and therefore they do not have a backbone. They have a hard external shell that protects their body which is divided into two parts; head ...
Invertebrates are a type of animal that is lacking a backbone. Some of these invertebrates include: shrimp, jellies, and crabs. Invertebrates such as squids and ...
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