Do Crocodiles Eat Humans?


There are some species of crocodiles that kill humans, for example, the Australian saltwater crocodiles (salties). These crocodiles are very territorial, and they usually attack to defend their territories from other crocodiles. This makes them one of the most feared crocodilians.
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It is fairly rare for this to happen, but if and when it does happen, it occurs for the same reason that crocodiles eat other animals. For sustenance and to survive.
NOTHING eats a grown crocodile except occasionally humans. Now, baby crocs can be vulernerable for predators, but once they are grown, well forget about it.
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"Why" questions are always fraught with problems of interpretation, but let's put it this way: you come from a long line of meat eaters. Humans eat meat. Australopithecines
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Nothing eats crocodiles (while they are living) they are pretty much at the top of their food chain. Now, other crocodiles may kill and eat each other but no ...
An animal that would eat crocodiles depends on the size of the crocodile. Lions can kill and eat smaller crocodiles that are less than 6 feet in length. ...
Crocodiles have a diet consisting of fish. They also eat birds and small mammals. Crocodiles have been known to eat other crocodiles that are smaller than they ...
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