Do Deer Eat Apples?


Deer's do eat apples. They do not seem to show a fondness in a specific type of apples that they eat. Any accessible or reachable apple is a fair game. They also eat the apples leaves.
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Well, where I live what eats deer is humans. But to be more serious, coyotes and bobcats in the mid-west. In other parts of the U.S. is might bear and wildcats.
1. Order apples in bulk from your grocer or a local orchard, or find a neighbor with extras. They don't need to be perfect; deer happily eat blemished and bruised fruit. 2. Locate
The foods that deer eating are nut crops includes acorn nuts , wild grasses, fruits and crops includes clover and wheat and they eat woody plants like oaks, cherry and jasmine.
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Deer eat clover, alfalfa, corn, winter wheat, oats, soybeans, peas, sweat potatoes and apples. These crops are very important to the deer because of their nutritional ...
Deer it a variety of plants, they also eat small twigs. They also eat corn, acorns wheat, soybeans, carrots, apples and other vegetables. ...
In most areas, deer eat just about any type of vegetation they can find. They enjoy fruits like apples or persimmons. Acorns, beechnuts and pecans are also among ...
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