Do deer eat begonias?


According to KW Schumer from SFGate, deer are not attracted to begonias, thus reducing the risk of consumption. White-tailed deer are a widespread ungulate native to North America, Central America and South America. The species has an introduced presence in New Zealand and some parts of Europe.

White-tailed deer vary in size, with specimens becoming larger the farther they are from the equator. North American stags can reach 300 pounds or more, while North American females can approach 200 pounds. The specialized stomach of the white-tailed deer allows it to eat an expansive array of plants and plant materials. White-tailed deer are overpopulated in parts of North America due to a pronounced decrease or absence of natural predators.

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Preferred food of the deer are shrubs and woody plants, according to the Facts About Deer website. Deer can feed year round on different parts of the plants such as the leaves and
Deer are grazing or browsing animals. They eat plants off the ground and nibble on shoots and tender shrub and tree branches.
Put up fences around your flowers.
Deer eat succulent grasses, legumes, weeds, fleshy fruits, trees, vines, and stems of many woody
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