Do Deer Eat Tomatoes?


Deer, do eat tomatoes. The deer devour the tomato directly from the vine, trampling surrounding plants in the process. There are several ways to help protect your tomatoes in a safe and natural manner. One method is to mix a homemade repellent consisting of water and raw eggs. This will create an unpleasant odor that deer do not like. Another, less stinky, alternative is to incorporate herbs into the garden. Plant oregano, dill, sage or rosemary between and around the tomatoes. This method may not keep the deer 100% at bay, but will greatly minimize the risk of damage to tomato plants and surrounding vegetation.
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1. Put up a mesh fence around the tomato garden. A mesh fence at least 8 feet high will keep out even the best jumpers. Make sure you securely fasten the mesh fence to the ground,
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poisons. and such can kill white tailed deers!
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Yes, deer eat tomatoes. Keeping chunks of soap in little mesh bags tied on the plants can keep deer away.
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Yes, deer love tomato plants. You need a high fence or some other deterrent such as Cayenne Pepper to keep them out. ...
To help keep deer out of the tomato plants, spread deodorant soap or dryer sheets around the garden. Another solution is called the rotten egg solution. It is ...
There are numerous insect and animals that may be eating your tomatoes. Some of these insects and animals include aphids, tomato horn worms, cutworms, slugs, leaf ...
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