Do divorced couples get back together?


Some divorced couples get back together after working through their issues. In order to reconcile and start the relationship anew, both parties must reflect on what caused the divorce in the first place.

Forgiveness is an important step to take when getting back together after a divorce. If either party feels betrayed or wronged, resentment can build that will hinder the repairing of the relationship. Effective communication must also be in place for the relationship to work. Being open and honest is a major step in rebuilding trust and emotional stability.

When both parties are committed to making things work, therapy or relationship workshops are an option. According to a study done by Kim Ryan and John Gottman at the University of Washington, couples' workshops can help people create a lasting, satisfactory relationship.

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1. Start couple's therapy. If you haven't already gone to a professional, make this your number one priority. Talking things through with an impartial expert can help both of you
One of the pair has to take the risk of contacting the other to see if they can meet and talk things over. Although this is difficult to do it is worth the risk.
Approximately 10 percent of all currently married
About 75% of divorced people legally remarry & they usually do so less than 4 yrs after divorce.
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