Do Dobermans Shed?


Yes, Dobermans do shed, as do all dogs to one degree or another. Since dobermans have short hair, the shedding isn't as bad as long haired dogs. Keep them well groomed and clean to keep the shedding to a minimum.
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Doberman Pinschers shed less than other breeds, thanks to their fine, thin coat. All
Because of the weather, or it just may be the dogs genetics. I have had dobermans since I was a baby, and my dad has been breeding them since the 80's and they all have diffrent shedding
Not Medical Advice: Effective brushing of the dog is a great way how to stop a dog from shedding excessive hairs. Shedding is a natural process of every breed. report this answer.
Please keep in mind that if you do not list all the important information above (medical history, current medications, previous illness, etc) it is harder for me to give you the most
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