Do Dobermans Shed?


Yes, Dobermans do shed, as do all dogs to one degree or another. Since dobermans have short hair, the shedding isn't as bad as long haired dogs. Keep them well groomed and clean to keep the shedding to a minimum.
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Doberman Pinschers shed less than other breeds, thanks to their fine, thin coat. All
General. The general lifespan of a Doberman pinscher is 10 to 15 years with optimal health conditions. This lifespan fluctuates, similar to all dog breeds. There is no documented
If you are allergic, would you be able to pet them? Dobermans need a lot of affection. They recieved the nickname velcro dobies because they love to be right beside you getting attention
my male whines when my female is in heat or they will both whine if they want to go outside. If yours is. constantly. whining it may be in pain.
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