Do Dog Whistles Hurt Dogs Ears?


No, dog whistles will not hurt a dogs ears in the long run; they are often used as a training device. However, the noise can be very irritating for some.
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Dogs are very sensative to it so I think it might hurt their ears. But who knows maybe they could be singing :
1. Discuss with your vet or trainer what kind of whistle to get for your dog. There are lung-powered whistles and electronic whistles. Which one you use depends on you and your dog.
Poor dog. You should get a whistle that will hurt your neighbor's ears, not the dog. It's their fault to not train their dog properly.
1. Gather your supplies. This will include: Hydrogen Peroxide, or any other canine ear cleaning agent. You can find one suitable for your dog by inquiring your local vet. A towel.'s-Ear
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