Do Dog Whistles Hurt Dogs Ears?


No, dog whistles will not hurt a dogs ears in the long run; they are often used as a training device. However, the noise can be very irritating for some.
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Dog ears work basically the same way as human ears. They have the inner, middle and outer ear. Dogs can actually move one ear at a time to identify where the noise is coming from.
The dog whistle (or Galton's whistle) was invented by the well-known scientist and researcher Francis Galton in the 1880s. At the time, Galton was conducting research on the sounds
Nothing beyond being annoying perhaps. It's a sound that would be higher than the highest pitch humans can hear, and the only reason it's in that range is not to annoy humans while
Poor dog. You should get a whistle that will hurt your neighbor's ears, not the dog. It's their fault to not train their dog properly.
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