Do Dogs Cry?


Dogs do whimper and cry, but their eyeballs cannot shed tears like humans can. Although animals don’t cry the way people do, they are capable of producing tears. Since lachrimation (or tear production) is important in keeping eyes healthy, most vertebrates can produce tears. Mammals produce tears through their lachrymal system, a group of tissues that create water. Tears are important in cleaning the cornea and keeping it moist, while the salt content in tears creates an “osmotic balance” within the eyes.
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IF this helps, Maybe because the dog is trying to tell you dsomething is wrong or it could be hurting and does not fill well. ANSWER: Dogs cry and bark to communicate. Crying tells
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Dogs can cry and a crying dog can make a somewhat pitiful sound. Dogs are emotionally complex creatures, which have feelings that are constantly displayed when they are hurt. Dogs are social animals and thrive on constant contact.
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