Do Dogs Have a Clavicle?


No, dogs do have a clavicle bone. This bone aids humans in letting their arms to extend from their body. A dogs arms/legs have limited movement unlike humans who can move their arms in various ways.
Q&A Related to "Do Dogs Have a Clavicle?"
Dog's do not have clavicles. The pressure a dog puts on its front legs while running or walking would constantly break it.
A cat's "clavicle" is buried in the muscles of the shoulder region....
Dogs do not have clavicles because they do not have scapulas that needs support by a clavicle or 'collar bone'.
Most mammals do have at least a vestigal remnant of a clavicle, although it is in varying degrees of development. Basically the reason some animals have either a reduced or no clavicle
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