Do Dogs Have Antiseptic in Their Saliva?


Dogs do not have antiseptic in their saliva. This is contrary to the popular belief that these animals' saliva is cleaner than that of humans. The fact that dog's saliva does not have antiseptic is exhibited by the fact that these animals eat odd foods and they have a bad mouth smell like rotting food or decaying flesh. This bad smell is a clear indication that harmful bacteria do exist in dogs' mouths.
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well a dogs mouth is cleaner than a human's becuase it salive kills germs just not bad breath
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Dogs' tongues are indeed antiseptic. They produce saliva which has an enzyme that kills some bacteria known as lysozyme therefore it is viewed as having an antiseptic ...
Dogs secrete saliva which contains an enzyme that kills certain bacteria known as lysozyme therefore it is regarded as having antiseptic tongue. However, the cleanliness ...
Dog saliva does not kill all bacteria. It will kill some bacteria due to the presence of lysozyme in their saliva. ...
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