Do dogs have the cleanest mouths in the world?


In the animal world, dogs do not have especially clean mouths. For example, if allowed, they engage in practices such as eating garbage and licking the hind end of other dogs. These habits help germs accumulate.

There are several reasons why dogs have the reputation of having clean mouths. People observe that dogs lick wounds when injured, and that activity seems to promote the healing process. However, it is not because the saliva is especially clean. The cleansing process removes dead tissue and increases circulation. Also, dogs do not seem to pass germs along to humans when they "kiss." However, many -- but not all -- infectious diseases are particular to certain species, so they are not transmitted to another type of organism.

Q&A Related to "Do dogs have the cleanest mouths in the world?"
Dog's do not have the cleanest mouths. This is a myth. ChaCha!
Answer Dogs actually have healing properties in their saliva. Some vets are pro and con on this theory, but too many people have proven it's true. When I was young my mom would let
It's an urban legend to say that dogs have the cleanest mouths. It only stems from the dog's practice of licking their wounds when they're injured.
The independent variable is the source you're taking the sample from (the human and/or the dog), while the dependent variable will be how clean it is. I think that's what you're asking
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