Do Dogs Know When They Are Going to Die?


In their own way dogs do seem to know when they are going to die. When they get older their body starts to shut down and some will wonder somewhere where they can die alone. Others will stay with their owner until the end.
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Some people believe that dogs go to heaven why they die. It is commonly referred to as the rainbow bridge. Some people believe that they have no soul therefore don't go anywhere.
Dogs will find a resting place on their own. They go to sleep and will not wake up.
1. Watch for exaggerated symptoms of the disease from which he is dying. Depending on which disease is killing him, you may notice uncontrollable diarrhea or vomiting, refraining
1 Keep your dog warm enough. If you have a fireplace or heater, put an old comforter or quilt and a pillow by it. Place your loyal friend on the comforter and his head on the pillow
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