Do dolphins have a backbone?


Dolphins belong to the subphylum Vertebrata, meaning that dolphins are animals with backbones. Oceanic dolphins are toothed whales within the family Delphinidae, while river dolphins are included in the family Platanistidae.

Dolphins are usually less than 10 feet in length. They have a beak-like snout called a rostrum and small teeth. The diet of the dolphin is strictly carnivorous and is largely composed of fish and squid, although orcas are capable of hunting large whales. Dolphins are found in oceanic bodies of water globally, save for the Caspian and Aral Seas. Dolphins produce a wide variety of vocalizations to communicate with other dolphins and incapacitate prey.

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Dolphins are mammals which means that they give birth to live young. She carries the baby in her womb and goes into labor and gives birth. Once the baby is born she pushes it up to
Dolphins are members of the scientific families Platanistidae (river dwellers) and Delphinidae (ocean dwellers) Although some experts say that dolphins are related to whales, the
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Dolphins are vertebrate because they have a backbone. They belong to the kingdom anamalia, phylum cordata or vertabrates and class mammalia. Some dolphins are ...
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Dolphins and sharks both live in the ocean, prefer warmer waters: though some species are found in freshwaters, have backbones and are vertebrates. They are also ...
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