Where Do Dolphins Migrate?


Dolphins do migrate especially during winter as they will need warmer environments to breed. The bottlenose dolphin is unique in that it is found in virtually all coastal regions on earth regardless of the season.
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Shallow water areas frequented by dolphins vary considerably in temperature throughout the year. Additionally, air temperatures range considerably in the northern and southern latitudes
warm places.
Some coastal dolphins in higher latitudes show a clear tendency toward seasonal
All animals migrate for one or more of the following reasons: 1. to move away from unsuitable climate conditions. 2. to or from a breeding area that is not where they normally live.
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How Do Dolphins Migrate?
With more than two dozen separate species, dolphins inhabit nearly every part of the world’s oceans and many of its rivers. These predatory mammals hunt fish and other aquatic life while traveling singly or in large family pods. Depending on the... More »
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