Do Dragonflies Bite or Sting?


Dragonflies are double winged insects that belong to the order Odonata. They do not bite or sting, in fact they are the most fearsome predators of other flying insects. Dragonflies feed on other flying insects, particularly midges and mosquitoes.
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Not medical advice: No, Dragonflies do not normally bite or sting humans (though they will bite in order to escape, for example, if grasped by the abdomen)
An ichneumon wasp. Found out the hard way when one stung me on the face.
The first thing to do is make sure you don't have any more ants on you. Don't begin treating your bite or sting until you are sure that you are safely away from where you were bitten
It could have been a stingless bee. Some species don't have stingers at all, so biting is their only defense. It could have been a male bee. Only female bees, wasps, and ants have
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Dragonflies do not sting, rather they bite. The females of some odonates are equipped with a stinger, but this is used strictly for laying eggs and not for the ...
No -- they have no sting. But they do bite. They have sharp pointed mandibles that chomp down on the insects they catch. If you catch one and allow its mandibles ...
Dragonflies do not bite. A dragonfly is any insect belonging to the order Odonata, the suborder Epiprocta or, in the strict sense, the infraorder Anisoptera. It ...
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