Do Dragons Exist?


Dragons do not exist and never existed and as a matter of fact, there are no fossils of dragons that have ever been found. Also, breathing fire in dragons seems impossible too because there are no other creatures that share this feature.
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They exist in the imagination of writers and story tellers for many generations.
Bearded dragon lizards certainly do. But I'm afraid the Hogwarts kind only exist in J. K.
There's no evidence, that's why they're considered a myth. Dragons are most likely a result of ancient people finding bones of dinosaurs and mistaking them for dragons. Keep in mind
Dragons still exist because someone thought them into existence...Anything created has some reality to it because its
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Dragons, like the ones depicted in fairy tales, do not exist. Some experts speculate that dragons in mythology were actually simply dinosaurs. There are animals ...
A dragon is very big and shots fire from the mouth. Many people believe that dragons use to exist many years ago as well. Dragons are scary as well. ...
Dr. Jack Turner, a Palaeontologist discovered a T-rex skull in which he discovered had very distinctive claw marks along the top of the skull. Dr. Turner also ...
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