Do Earthworms Have Eyes?


Worms do not have eyes. They have light and touch sensitive organs that help them sense differences in light intensity and to feel vibrations in the ground. Worms move away from light and will become paralyzed if exposed to light for too long.
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Earthworms because of the environment they live in do not require eyes. Living underground at depths often void of light the earthworms have developed very acute sensory cells in
Freckles can appear on the white of the eye. Brown spots in the eyes are areas of pigment on the white of the eye. The white of the eye is a thin membrane over the eyeball, called
They do not have eyes but they do possess light- and touch-sensitive organs.
The unfortunate answer is that nobody really knows. It was once thought that it was related to the plica semilunaris, a vestigial structure from the nictitating membrane, a so-called
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