Do Earwigs Bite People?


Earwig is a type of insect that belongs to the family phylum Arthoropoda. They do not bite but rather pinch. The pinch is really painful, but does not carry or transmit any kind of disease. However, their bite may lead to a secondary infection if scratched.
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There are no symptoms for an earwig bite. They are not capable of rendering
Earwigs are insect pests. It could pinch you if handled incorrectly but their pinch is very mild. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 08:21AM EST. Source:
An earwig is a reddish-brown to black colored bug between 6 and 35 mm long, somewhat flattened in shape with 2 (harmless) pincers coming off its back end. They are attracted to dampness
Earwigs don't bite or sting they PINCH. It is very painful when they pinch and the area around the pinch will swell up.
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