Do Eskimos Live in Igloos?


Yes, eskimos do live in igloos. The igloos are dome-shaped and are usually made of blocks of solid snow. The term igloo is also used to refer to a hollow made by a seal in the snow over its breathing hole in the ice.
Q&A Related to "Do Eskimos Live in Igloos?"
Hardly any Alaskan natives live in igloos. Most have regular houses. Igloos were useful because they could be readily made from items at hand (ice and snow) and lasted one or several
The Inuit, and other Artic populations, have used igloos as temporary shelters for
Inuit as they are more properly known, no longer live in igloos, just as we no longer live in tents, or log homes. They live in houses just like you and me. Before Europeans began
sharp knife, a saw, and compacted snow. A hard field of snow is required to build an igloo - hard enough to make solid snow blocks. Even if the top layer of snow is soft, hard snow
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