Do Fake Owls Scare Away Birds?


Fake owls do scare away birds though the success of the fake owl will depend on how realistic it looks to an actual predator. Anti-perching plastic owls are normally mounted on roof areas where it is clearly visible to other birds.
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Birds can be pests. Birds often destroy fruit and vegetables, peck holes in house roofs and leave droppings on cars and windows. Some birds carry disease and insects to homes, plants
well,unless you have small animals, keep the owl around, they eat skunks, mice, and any other bothersome creatures.but if you do, then put a wooden owl on your roof or in the tree
Fake owls are meant to scare away other birds. Thanks for
Only the ones that are too dumb to figure it out. I have seen birds, particularly woodpeckers and crows, that perched atop the plastic owls. Better way to keep grackles and large,
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