Do female elephants have tusks?


Female elephants have tusks. Asian female elephants however have short tusks known as tushes with no pulp inside. Tusks are the enlarged canine teeth of elephants.
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The Tusk is nothing but a teeth that has grown out of the skull. Just like a human teeth, it is made of calcium and other minerals. It is used as a display of size and strength and
Elephants use their tusks for digging for roots and water, stripping bark off trees,
All elephants, except for the female Asian species, grow a pair of tusks. Elephants will only grow one pair of tusks in their lifetime, although they do grow longer as the elephant
The tusks of an elephant are its second upper incisors. Tusks grow continuously; an adult male's tusks will grow about seven inches a year. Tusks are used to dig for water, salt,
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