Do female elephants have tusks?


Female elephants have tusks. Asian female elephants however have short tusks known as tushes with no pulp inside. Tusks are the enlarged canine teeth of elephants.
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they have tusk because they need to defend them selfs. hi savannah.
Elephants use their tusks for digging for roots and water, stripping bark off trees,
All elephants, except for the female Asian species, grow a pair of tusks. Elephants will only grow one pair of tusks in their lifetime, although they do grow longer as the elephant
They use them to dig for minerals and salt out of rocky outcrops and caves to supplement their diet. And they come in handy in a fight!
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Both male and female elephants have tusks though this only the case with African elephants. In some species of Asian elephants only the male elephants have tusks ...
Elephant's tusks are mainly made from a tough substance called ivory. Their tusks have led to their downfall as they are hunted because of their precious ivory ...
Elephants use their tusks for a range of tasks, for example, they use them as weapons against potential predators or in battle against other elephants. They also ...
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