Do Fish Fins Grow Back?


Torn fins and missing scales typically grow back without any problems. Damaged fins are generally frequent when tank fish have been aggressive, but there are a lot of other circumstances where fish can be injured.
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It depends on the species and overall health. If the injury is
It depends on your water condition. Right now if your tank has other fish that are doing well then it should heal in about a week with melafix and aquarium salt.
The 'sail' (dorsal fin array) of the sailfish may serve the purpose of a cooling and heating system for this fish.
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One light year. I believe you have herpes! ...
Some fishes can grow back their fins after they have been subjected to physical injuries, fin rots or tail biting. The fins usually grow back in thin and clear ...
Dorsal fins are found at the back of any fish. There are usually three and they help the fish to balance in order so that it doesn't roll. ...
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