Do Fish Have Backbones?


Fish do have backbones hence they are considered to be vertebrates. They also are cold-blooded, have fins and are covered with skills. Fish respire using their gills and they use fins to maintain their position and swim.
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all 'true' fishes have backbones...that is why they are in the class of critters called
I caught a. bass in my pond with a curved spine. We catch many fish like this in middle Georgia. They seem healthy but look strange. There are a variety of causes for fish to have
Bony fishes, which include most fish species, have a backbone. Cartilaginous fishes like sharks, rays and skates don't have any bones, just cartilage, so they don't have a backbone.
Identification Caudal comes from the Latin word "cauda," which means "tail." So when an animal is caudated, it has a tail. Types Different species of fish can
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