Do Fish Have Testicles?


Fish do have testicles. Gonads are paired organs of the same size that can be partially or totally fused in most species of fishes. Its functions include producing sperm and producing androgens, primarily testosterone.
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On the fish.
Fugu Hire-zake: grilled fin is put in hot sake drink. Fugu (blow fish) contains deadly poison but remains a special feast in Japan.
Some snails are asexual, but by far most fish are either male or female. There are some that can change sex, but those are rare. I have never noticed external testicles on a fish
Whack the fish against the side of the boat a few times. Not only does this work wonders for tenderizing the testicles, but, as an added benifit, allows you as the master fisherman
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Jellyfish feed in various ways depending on type and size. Some find drifting food and put it in their mouths with testicles. Some will eat small fish or crustaceans ...
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