Do Fishtanks Affect Broadband Speeds?


A lot of people paying for high speed broadband access do not normally get to enjoy the maximum out put from these packages. A number of factors affect broadband speed and they include; distance from the exchange, exchange contention ratio, number of connection in your home, quality of cables, weather conditions, time of day and website capacity.
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Time of day: the Which? survey found that speeds are slower between 1pm and 11pm. More people tend to be online between 6pm and 11pm.
it shouldn't affect speed. You may have a little noise on the connection so if you notice failed download or uploads or getting disconnected you should look into it.
Shouldn't make any difference, it may even get faster as fewer people use the copper bandwidth. Of course there will be a point when the investment in copper BB is pulled
How far you live from the exchange, the quality of your phone line and wiring, the type of modem you use and even the time of day.
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