Do Frogs Hibernate in the Winter?


Frogs hibernate to get away from the freezing winter temperatures. They normally hibernate in burrows or hide themselves in mud. Toads and frogs are cold-blooded animals and their body processes decelerate as the outside temperature drops.
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Frogs hibernate in different places, mostly depending on what type of frog they are. Some frogs go into a body of water and sit on the floor, hidden by a log or something, until it
it helps them bythemnot getting cold because they dont have fur.
The frogs hibernate in burrows or bury themselves in mud. Frogs'
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The hibernation of frogs during winter will depend on the type of frog. This is because some frogs hibernate in water as they are aquatic while some frogs hibernate ...
Different frogs hibernate in a variety of ways. Some frogs dig a hole in the mud and snuggle in for a long winter and others dig a hole in the ground and hide ...
Many animals will enter the state of hibernation during the winter months. This is when their bodies go into a deep sleep until the weather gets warm again. This ...
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