Do giraffes have teeth?


Giraffes do have teeth. They have lower incisor and canine teeth in addition to upper and lower molars that they use along with their long tongues and strong lips to pull vegetation into their mouths and chew.

If there is uncertainty as to whether giraffes have teeth, this may be due to the fact that they have no upper incisor or canine teeth and their lower incisors and canines are separated from the molars by a large gap, or diastema. The giraffe's snout is long, so this extremely tall animal would have a considerable mouthful of teeth if its entire jaw were lined with upper and lower teeth.

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The short answer to the question, why do giraffes have horns is that we really don't fully know why. The thought is they may have provided support for some other function, such as
because they are not meat eaters so they have small teeth. they eat leaves and long grass. those are things you can easily mushed.
Giraffes have 32 teeth, just like humans. Thanks!
The pattern is probably for disruptive camouflage, helping to hide the boundary of the animal. It seems right at home in the dappled shadow under an acacia tree:
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